5th degree Master Daniel McCracken

      Master Daniel McCracken is a fifth degree black belt master in Tae Kwon Do. Born August 20, 1978 in Warrensburg Missouri grew up most of his life hear in Brenham Texas where he currently resides. He is married to Instructor Katie McCracken and has two sons, Daven and Jack.
      Master Daniel McCracken started in Tae Kwon Do October of 1993 in Brenham Texas at the age of 14. He took lessons under Master Richard Pennison who was the owner at that time. “My first two years I took the classes just the same way I took most things when I was a teenager, not very seriously. Sure I always wanted to learn Martial Arts but I honestly was a lazy kid and never accepted how much work it really took. However during the course of classes, my Instructor soon bestowed on me the characteristics of leadership, responsibility, and dedication. It was then that I improved not only in class, but in all aspects of my life.”
      Master McCracken received his black belt three years after joining. With it, he took the initiative to assist his current instructors in all classes five days a week. “All I wanted to do was to improve the atmosphere in class for my fellow students.” After gaining experience through assisting, he was given a few small classes to teach. These classes warmed him up for the day he was given his own classes on Wednesday. Shortly after that, his classes were expanded to Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday in Brenham and Thursday in Bellville. In 2002, Master Pennison sold the school to Master Daniel McCracken.
      Master Daniel McCracken still competes in several tournaments including state and national tournaments. He also actively gets involved behind the scenes in the tournaments held by the Eclipse Tae Kwon Do organization. What does Master Daniel have planned for his competition future? “I don’t plan on quitting or retiring from competition any time soon. I see students twice my age out there competing too and they aspire me to continue. If they can do it so late in the game, then why should I quit? However, I concentrate more on my students than me. I’m more proud of a student of mine that got third than I am of my self when I get gold.”

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4th degree Master Katie McCracken

      Katie McCracken began her studies in Tae Kwon Do in 1996. She began like any white belt would with of eagerness to learn, but insisted on continuing up and beyond her own expectations. “There was always something to do, something new to learn and I continued to train even after I accomplished my 1st degree Black Belt. There was no limit to what I could do, despite age and gender! Granted I did have days that I didn’t feel like doing anything whether it was lack of confidence or disappointments in my performance, but with perseverance, encouragement, and dedication, I learned to overcome many mental obstacles that life would throw my way.”
      She started competing as early as Yellow Stripe in countless, invitational competitions locally and nationally, including organizations such as USTU and AAU. “Competing is a wonderful tool to help improve one’s performance outside of the do-jang. It is also a lot of fun and I enjoy the adrenaline rush!” Since becoming a black belt, she has accumulated many gold and silver medals in point and full-contact sparring.
      As of now, after 15 years, Katie is one of a handful of students whom have completed up to 4th degree Black Belt, and became a Master. “Despite my accomplishments, I am continually learning new things, polishing techniques, both new and old, working on my strongest abilities, and improving on my weakest.”
      As of now, she is a full time mom, an assistant instructor at Brenham ETKD, Cardio kickboxing instructor, and assistant in Ladies Self-Defense. “I just hope I can pass down my experience to those who are just beginning to see how practical, fun, and exciting Tae Kwon Do can really be!”

Master Daniel McCracken and Mrs. Katie McCracken